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Diamonds - The Different Colors, Shapes and Sizes

Diamonds are made from pure carbon which has been under great pressure and heat. Most Diamonds that are available for purchase today have been created over millions of years, hundreds of miles deep in the earth’s crust. Diamonds have moved to the surface of the earth throughout the eons usually by lava flows. Diamonds come in a variety of different colors, shapes and sizes and for those that find Diamonds mesmerizing you can easily find the Diamond that fits you best.

Diamonds come in a variety of colors, while the most popular commercial Diamonds are clear, Diamonds can come in colors such as blue, canary yellow, red, brown and black. You can even create a Diamond that is green by treating it. Clear Diamonds are usually made from carbon; however other colors do contain trace elements. For instance, a blue Diamond which is perhaps the rarest of all Diamonds has traces of the element Borate.

Usually clear Diamonds may have a tinge of yellow in them. The more yellow Diamonds possess the less valuable they are commercially.

Diamonds usually come in many sizes, but usually only occur at a few carats at the most. While record setting Diamonds can weigh over 100 carats or more, typical Diamonds are usually from about 1/32 carats to about 2 to 4 carats in weight.

Diamonds can be cut and polished to almost any shape. However, it should be noted that there are specific ways to cut a Diamond in order to enhance the sparkle or fire of the Diamond. Most Diamonds are cut either as a round cut, marquis cut, square or cushioned cut and even pear cut.


How and Where Are Diamonds Formed and Found?

Diamonds are the most popular and usually the most valuable gemstones on earth. They are created out of pure carbon deep inside the earths crust. Most of the Diamonds today, were created hundreds of millions of years ago under intense heat and pressure. Pure carbon in Diamond form is the world’s hardest substance.

Since most of the Diamonds we find today are near the surface of the earth, Diamonds over the eons have travel usually with the help of lava flows and other types of veins. Diamonds can be found in lots of different places in the world, however they are usually found in India, Brazil and Sub Saharan Africa. Today, the majority of Diamonds are mined in South Africa. South Africa has plenty of Diamond pipes or hardened lava streams. Diamond is usually found within layers of Kimberlite, which are rocks made from lava.

Diamonds that are solely made from carbon are usually clear or can have a slight tinge of yellow. The clearest Diamonds are usually worth the most and a flawless clear Diamond is usually stated as a blue- white because they reflect back a pure blue white light to the viewer. Besides clear Diamond created by pure carbon, Diamonds can also come in colors. These colors are usually created by certain elements in the carbon. For instance, one of the most rarest types of Diamond are blue Diamonds. Blue Diamonds are usually produced by a rare element Borate being present. Besides blue, Diamonds can come in canary yellow, red, black and when irradiated green.

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