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Gemstone Inclusion

Minerals are formed by nature and nature has a way of spicing things up and making even the most exotic minerals and gemstones even more unique. One of the ways that gemstone become more intriguing is by having inclusions.

An inclusion is any type of material that is not part of the original mineral being found inside it.  Inclusions can take many forms, but are usually categorized as solid inclusions, liquid inclusions, gaseous inclusions, random arrangement inclusions and optical inclusions.  However, when a mineral is stated as having a three phase inclusion, it usually means that three distinct types of inclusions are present within the mineral. The three types of inclusions are usually solid, liquid and gaseous.

Many minerals are found with other minerals found in it. For instance, Lapis Lazuli is found with Pyrite in it and diamonds are usually found with other types of carbon within it that show up as black dots.  However, all inclusions are not ugly or unwanted.  Certain stones with exotic inclusions are valued.

Liquid inclusions are usually in the form of water, however saline solution is another type of liquid that can be found in minerals.  Opals usually have large water content, sometimes up to 20%.

Gaseous inclusions include different types of gas, some of it is common such as oxygen or nitrogen, others not so common.  A three phase inclusion is when a gemstone or mineral exhibits all three of these inclusions.  Usually rare, this can make the gemstone very valuable and interesting.

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